This page with be completed soon. It was established to support the books that are being released for publication. Because I wish to dedicate my books, acknowledge and give mention of people I still have memory of to a large number of people, I choose to support the books here with a special dedication page.



Try as I may, it is most difficult to reduce this dedication for there are innumerable people I am either indebted to for my life or grateful of having passed them during our journeys of life. It is customary to dedicate a book to one or a few people, usually only spouses or children, or but one or two dear friends, yet not knowing how the Father will extend or shorten my life, and not knowing when I can place a dedication to each of these individuals in their own book, I list here influential people of my life; saviors, mentors, admired ones and others. I learned something or improved myself in someway by knowing each one of them. Or, I enjoy life because of them. By no means is the list conclusive or complete. Until and if I can produce the books with their names in honor I substitute a page on my flagship blog for all the people who have touched my life. It is a list that grows as I remember the fond times memories are made of, or finding the time to get them all down. Tomorrow there will be more names listed than today and the eternal flames of my heart burns with the love, gratefulness and mourning for these people I miss or remember with unfettered love and devotion. Thankfully, some are still in my life.

Hall of Heroines & Heroes

Sometimes I call her Justina and sometimes Justine. They’re anonymous for Justice. Liberty Justice. She was once a suppressed, dominated slave endangered to patriarchic evil and darkness. She is now liberated and anonymously enjoying her inalienable human rights, freedom and independence.

To Justina, never let the wings of your freedom and independence lose a single feather. Soar high in the skies of freedom and independence and be all you can be. Enjoy your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Live the American Dream the way your vision created it for yourself, where you and you alone make the decisions of your life’s journey. God bless you. I’m so proud of you. I will always love you. I’m waiting patiently and eagerly for YOUR books and novels. I know they will be on my bestsellers bookshelves. What are you waiting for?

In Memory, Dedication & Honor
For Deborah LuAnne Petteys, 9 November 1957- 28 August 1983, I miss you everyday. Your words pass through my mind every hour as I sit at my writing desk and write with the inspiration of your spirit. 33 years is a long time to have passed. Your spirit is alive in my heart, mind and soul and in the words as I write. I have hope for the world that things could be better as I listen to those inner voices. Listening, while striving to make the world a better place in which to live.

In Memory, Dedication & Honor
For the three I couldn’t save, I’m so sorry for my failure. I’m so sorry I failed you. I wish I could change the course of history, the ways of the world and the events of time. If I ever had another chance, I would do things differently. Next time, I won’t fail. You will always be on my mind. Always. You will always live in my memories; in my dreams and in my nightmares. The world lost so much talent, so much beauty, so much creativity, so much intelligence when you three girls perished one by one to subhuman, barbaric evil. You did not die in vain. I promise. I will fight until my dying breath so other girls won’t have to live and die as you did simply because they are born female in the land of patriarchy and the world of tolerance. It was Chris Kyle who said, you remember the ones you couldn’t save more than the ones you did save. He wasn’t wrong about that.

In Memory, Dedication & Honor
Farkhunda Malikzada, age 27, Kabul, Afghanistan
The sickening video footages of a young woman’s death, a woman who was wrongly accused by the guilty one, demonstrates the evil in a land of demons that falls suddenly upon innocent females. In a patriarch society that never fully justified retribution or inflicted the punishment of the murderously guilty, the Villains of Lucifer, deserved for an innocent woman’s mob execution. Violence erupted upon Farkhunda Malikzada on Thursday, 19 March 2015 without warning or fair trial, without representation and without justification. Although innocent, she was accused of a minor event the savage crowd considered severe enough for immediate torture and death. An execution that came suddenly and without warning. A young woman left her home to go teach and was instead encountered by demonic gangs swelling into the hundreds, maybe thousands that left her brutally tortured, executed and then her body burned over the lies of one man, a guilty mullah, in the midst of that angry, uncivilized mob. Yet, as the world stands in total silence and does absolutely nothing about the events where thousands of such females are victimized every year, every day, every hour, by a people who call themselves peaceful it is beyond fathoming. While the savage crowd tortured and executed the young innocent woman, it chanted anti-American and anti-democratic statements according to people who were there. A society that is so barbaric, and that has cost enormous American lives and billions of U.S. tax dollars continues to kill their own females at outrageous numbers and with little if any justification to the victims is beyond sickening. In later volumes I elaborate extensively on this horrendous event that stomped out an innocent young woman’s life as if she were no more of value than a cockroach. I have studied thousands of cases of Sharia Law tortures and murders, religious-rite tortures and executions and honor killings including a great many of them committed right here in the United States and North America. There will be extensive coverage later in this series and in separate volumes of work addressing these crimes against humanity and violations of human rights. I will present dozens of cases in as many nations where innocent females were brutally tortured and then slowly executed simply for something she said, something she wore or did not wear, or something she did or did not do. She died for loving the wrong person or not loving the one she was forced to marry. She died because she ran away and returned because she was promised safety, but was lied to in order to deceive her into coming home so she could be punished for dishonoring the family and their religion. She died for the way she dressed or for speaking to a male outside of her family membership. She had acid thrown into her beautiful face and over her magnificent body because she posed for a photograph, she wrote something publicly someone didn’t like, posted an unveiled Facebook image of herself, said something disturbing to others on social media, refused to marry or date a male she was not attracted to, refused to conform to a life against her own beliefs, because she was defiant, or because she was raped either by one man or gangs and she was no long considered clean, but to have sinned and her rape was considered adultery. Or she was shot in the face because she is a girl and goes to school to get an education for herself. She can be tortured or executed for listening to music, watching a western-culture movie, speaking her mind. She has been pulled out of a classroom and shot for teaching English, beaten to death for not servicing her husband as he strictly demands, murdered legally for failing to make his dinner when and how he wants it made. A husband can legally beat his wife if she does not submit to his demands. She can be married at age 9 to men in their 50s against her will, a forced marriage. She has no say in the matter. She can and has been legally murdered if she helps a friend elope or she herself elopes with the one they loved. Women have died, stoned to death, because a lying husband simply wanted to get rid of her and decided to tell lies so he could have her executed even though she was innocent. Nothing a woman says matters in a court against her, everything a man says is all that matters. The facts and the records speak for themselves, in volumes. Volumes. There are as many true-life cases of the deaths of these girls and women as there are grains of sand on the beaches of the world’s seas. Seas that fill with the tears of despair. We as a world society must change these atrocities against females in patriarchal cultures and communities if we are going to call ourselves modernized or civilized. As long as females on this planet are enslaved and exterminated like captured insects inflicted with pesticide we are neither modern nor civilized. Because someone is born female does not give someone else the right to be her master. We must liberal females enslaved in patriarchy. Who is going to lead us to that end? We must and we will break those chains that shackle females into patriarchalism. We will remember Farkhunda Malikzada, and thousands of other insanely slaughtered females as we do so.

In Memory, Dedication & Honor
I make this most honorable dedication to a courageous, young lady who was hatefully murdered in the most dishonorable manner during an honor killing at 23:30 hours on 15 July 2016 in Multan, in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The young woman who all but broke her chains of patriarchic bondage and slavery perished at the evil hands of her younger brother, a self-proclaimed drug addict, a freeloader, whom she financially supported with her earnings that he found so dishonorable. Thousands of girls are insanely murdered every year, worldwide in the name of honor killing which is a criminal act against humanity that disgraces the human race. There is no honor in honor killing. Period. It is a demoniacal act of cowardliness that only disciples of Lucifer can administer. The only ones who dishonor their family are the cold-blooded murderers of beautiful young women who are defiant to conversions and conformations against their will. A society, only an unjust, uncivilized and archaic world can tolerate. We are not a just world. We are not civilized. We are not modern. So the world leaders ought to stop saying that we are, because we clearly are not. Their pretending only increases the danger. Their tolerance only magnifies the incidences. Their ignorance only promises more senseless deaths of innocent young girls. Their silence kills. The world cannot stand silent any longer during the inhumane slavery of females in the uncivilized, patriarch disorder and subhuman ideology. Just because one is born female is no justifiable reason to be enslaved and to die at the hands and whims of patriarchy.

Fauzia Azeem aka Qandeel Baloch, age 26, 1 March 1990-15 July 2016
Ms. Baloch was a social-media celebrity; independent thinker, freedom fighter, singer, model, actress, fashion icon, entrepreneur, extremely hard worker, feminist and advocate for women’s rights against patriarchy. She was at the incipient stage of a movement for equal rights and human rights for females in Pakistan’s patriarchal society. Ms. Baloch was an original and powerful leader in the movement for the empowerment of females in patriarchal societies and particularly in Pakistan, a place where being so can get you killed, and did. She was one of the first females to become a world renown social-media celebrity in Pakistan. She often stood alone and was always in danger. Qandeel had numerous threats of facial acid attacks and threats of violence against her life during her struggles for freedom and independence. She was a voice for liberty. Despite the threats of violence, she pushed forward. When they knocked her down, she got right back up and fought for her rights to be herself. To do her own thing. She would not allow any threats to hold her down. Those threats, however, were delivered and became reality, as my research shows, they always do. In the late hours on 15 July 2016 in the home she purchased for her parents and family, with her bad-behavior earnings, she was murdered in an honor killing for shaming the family. All evident point toward a premeditated and arranged murder by patriarchal misogynists. Everything in the life of a female enslaved in patriarchy is arranged, the clothes you wear, the education or lack thereof, your career, marriage, and even your death. It’s all prearranged. Qandeel supported her entire family, including the demon who murdered her, from her dishonorable earnings. We will always remember Qandeel’s as a pioneering crusader in her fight for freedom and independence, not just for herself, but for all females suppressed and dominated by patriarchal societies. Her spirit will empower us to carry the torch she enflamed to the next generation and the next century for liberty and justice. World history leaves behind a long list of freedom fighters who perished in the name of liberty. Fauzia Azeem perished a heroine in female rights. She was one female standing along against a dangerous army of misogynists in the dark corners of the earth where 7th century ideology still dominates those born female. Despite the massive haters against her, both male and female, she lit the flames of freedom and independence in the hearts of those who loved and admired her. Qandeel Baloch’s name has been added to that list of historical freedom fighters with sacred honor. Her chains of bondage and slavery are now broken for all of eternity. She is now free to soar higher than even where the Eagles soar, among Archangel Gabriel, the Messenger Angel and the Archangels. Her chains are broken.

For Sawsan, my spiritual sister and my precious friend in a troubled world filled with evil and turbulence. Your friendship is both a gift and treasure I cherish. Peace, love and happiness.

My Medical Teams

This is only a partial listing of the surgeons and medical professionals I am greatly indebted to for preserving my life and health. My quality of life is so inferior it is sometimes discouraging. The damage is far reaching. Yet, I have life and for that I am grateful. When I see others who are worst off than I am, I feel fortunate to be blessed with what I have. And I know, it could be a whole lot worst had these medical experts on elite trauma teams in Las Vegas not done all that they could do, that they did do. My spiritual brothers and sisters in medicine. Las Vegas has one of the most elite trauma units in America. The trauma teams in Vegas offer some of the most skillful hands and miracles in medicine. For that, I and numerous others are among the lucky ones, the survivors.

Trauma Surgeons, Medical Directors, Medical Experts & Professors:

University Medical Center, University of Nevada School of Medicine & Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Dr. Demetrios Mavroidis, my main surgeon, my spiritual brother, my life was in your hands and you gave me life when it should have been death. There isn’t enough gold in the hills or in heaven to repay you for the debt my soul owes you. I walk. I have confidence. I have faith. I am better, self-rehabilitated, more independent and less dependent because of you, your guidance and words of wisdom. Thanks for putting up with me all these years. And, thanks for the second chance on life.

Dr. Mariangela Rivera, my spiritual sister, Chief Resident, Researcher, Emergency Trauma Surgeon, resident, emergency-room physician, University Medical Center, Las Vegas Emergency Medicine Resident Program, Department of Surgery, University of Nevada School of Medicine. You were one of the most fantastic emergency surgeons I ever had that stayed with me, followed me through one of the most terrifying, enduring surgeries and recoveries. You not only managed to calm me, restore my confidence and faith, I healed quickly due to your willingness to listen to my voice. I was on my feet in days rather than the typical weeks or months, because you didn’t roll those pretty eyes inside your intelligent head or ignore and discount what I said would help me heal. Instead, you allowed progress to prove itself. You were part of an incredible first-team medical squadron. I miss you sorely and hope you have realized your goals in your medical career, and your gems in medical research. I know you will heal a lot of ailing people with your blessed, miraculous hands, medical research and charismatic medical professionalism.

Dr. Nichole Ingalls, Surgeon, Nellis Air Force Base, Department of Surgery, University of Nevada School of Medicine, UMC, Las Vegas, Nevada. Thank you for keeping the secret weapon secret. Thank you for such a wonderful medical experience, educating me on my medical condition and making the light at the end of the tunnel something other than a fast-moving freight train.

Dr. Jeffery D. Lewis, Surgeon, Nellis Air Force Base, Department of Surgery, University of Nevada School of Medicine, UMC, Las Vegas, Nevada. Thank you, Major. You gave me hope to live another day and get my work done before the sun goes down.

Dost M. Watoo, M.D., F.A.C.C, for your generous medical assistance and for giving me new hope and faith. Practice of specialized medicine apart from above entities and practices. Heart Center of Nevada and Valley Hospital, Las Vegas.

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine

Dr. Misti Song, my primary-care provider, Assistant Professor Department of Internal Medicine, University of Nevada School of Medicine, Las Vegas, medical advisor, sounding board and much more. Thanks for putting up with me.

Nurse Stephanie and Nurse Inna, University Medical Center Critical Care Units, two of my favorite nurses among many dedicated nursing professionals at the center. You both gave me the will to live and survive, your smile, your compassion, your encouragement, your cheerleading and your genuine care healed me more than your medicine. You touched my soul and empowered me to forge on. I will never forget you. You were my guardian angels from the Philippines and Ukraine, and I’m proud to have you as my fellow American citizens and sisters.

There are many, more doctors, nurses and medical staff that I am grateful for. Until I can find a place for them in future books, they are in the dedication page, found in the link below. I owe my life to the great people and dedicated staff of the medical profession.

Robert Leuci, 28 February 1940 – 12 October 2015 For a small guy with a baby face you carried a giant load of justice against the most ferocious evil of the city. Without men like you, evil would win against righteousness. Bob, you inspired me, as a writer and for upholding law and justice. Your bravery was second to none. You did the right thing. You were the Prince of the City and the Ambassador of Righteousness. It’s not that we are invulnerable to do wrong, the test and measure is rather we have the courage and character to correct those wrongs and make them right. You did that. Oh, and I know you won’t like this, but the women at Saratoga still wear their real jewelry at the track.

And for, My Mentor, Gerry Spence. Mister, Justice. I can never say enough good stuff about this guy named Spence. I wish you could be cloned a thousand times more. I miss the blogging, the updates and the words of wisdom. All of your books line my bookshelves; a philosopher, a teacher, a poet, a painter, a photographer, a messenger of justice, a storyteller, a trial lawyer, and author, a rancher, a mentor, a law-school founder and instructor, is there anything you don’t want to do today? You shine best with Image. I’m grateful for all that I have learned from you. Both of you.

Kirk Douglas, a true American hero. The man with the dimple. He was born with his trademark on his chin. A trademark that help lift him to the top of the world. An American actor, producer, director, author, entertainer, father, a man with a super wonderful family, and much more. Kirk Douglas has always been my hero. Along with John Wayne, Clint Walker, Clint Eastwood and the many great Broadway and Hollywood actors of my time, often in good-old American Westerns, Mister Douglas has continued to be one of my favorites. He grew up in the next town west of where I grew up. My aunt and he went to school together and for as long as I could remember before she passed away, Aunt Ruth spoke so fondly of “the boy all the girls chased and wanted to dance with.” Even in grade school and high school, Kirk Douglas was an entertainer capturing the eyes of the crowd. Before he left high school, he had many followers. From Amsterdam, New York he went to a New York City acting school, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. I tried to follow him there to New York, but that didn’t work out so well. Sometimes a man just can’t size up to the ones that he wishes he could. I loved all of Kirk Douglas movies. He was a man who projected strength in standing your ground. My all time favorite is Lonely Are the Brave. In the old days, a movie usually relayed a moral message of some sort. You came away with a lesson of some kind. Kirk Douglas is multitalented, he didn’t just act, he wrote books, too. When you read someone’s books, you always feel closer to them. Kirk Douglas is a man’s man. Mister Douglas, thank you for making me smile once in awhile with your beautiful entertainment. Thank you for all the years of being a great performer and idol. You’re the best. The absolute best.

Dan Brown (acknowledgement), I’m grateful for the guidance you have given me, enabling me to not only do business with your firm and remain loyal, but to propel a secret weapon, the super weapon, that will change the history of the world.

See more Dedications, In Memory of and Acknowledgements at:

In Memory Of
My mother, Hazel V. Laird Harrison Phelps
My father, Alexander Baxter Harrison
My Stepfather, Paul E. Phelps
My brother, Kenneth Baxter Harrison
My Maternal Grandmother, Lottie Mae Laird
My Maternal Grandfather, Thomas George Laird
My Maternal Uncle Kenneth Laird
My Love, Shannon
Daddy’s Little Girl, Becky
My friend, Timmy Armer
My friend, Randy “Sarge” Knipschild
My friend, Donna Knipschild
Chris Kyle, an American hero whose first words in the first chapter of American Sniper caused me to chuckle, “Every story has a beginning.”


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