Wounded Knee & The Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears of the 1830s…before and afterwards.
The Wounded Knee Massacre of 29 December 1890
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“In 1830 it began–The Indian Removal Act– with the Trail of Tears…sixty years later, in 1890 it concluded with the Massacre at Wounded Knee Creek.  The Trail of Tears is still wet with grief from the Native Americans people who suffered from the longest act of inhumanity in the history of the world.” —Cliff Harrison

There are many other related stories at YouTube for engaging your learning of Native American History….


There are many variants on How the West Was Lost on YouTube

  1. Your song, Wounded knee, reminds me of a documentary about the place. when I was in grade school, I came across my grandpa’s book “Bury my heart at Wounded Knee”. I read through that book but most of if went over my young, clueless head. I remember reading about Chief Big Foot and Chief Red Cloud though, and many people dying. There were black and white photographs of people too – portraits of chieftains, if I’m not mistaken. I think I will dig through the book stacks and try to find and read that book again. Probably this time I’ll have a better grasp on what really happened.

    1. Yes, that is a great book. It was a true account about Native American history by Dee Brown. I parted with my copy years ago, I think when I moved from New York to Vegas, and have looked for it when I scour used book stores, thrift shops and the like but it’s now pretty rare as a used book. Another one I read years ago was “How the West Was Lost” I can’t remember who wrote it, one of the Chiefs I believe. There was a lot of massacres on both sides, lots of horrible things. But what made the Wounded Knee more tragic was the fact they had already surrendered and the big guns used against innocent, unarmed parties of the massacre–the women, children, sick and elderly. Thanks for the visit and the reply. I hope you find the book and enjoy the read.

  2. I took a group of students to Pine Ridge reservation, specifically to work at a volunteer organization there. We did learning around it the whole year leading up to it. It was so depressing. The poverty there is just staggering. Life expectancy is comparable to Haiti. And just learning about all the horrible things the US government strategically did to destroy the Lakota, and then to strip them of their culture, is just criminal. Definitely didn’t learn about the full extent of it in school. Here’s a link to the place we went to volunteer. http://www.re-member.org/ Re-Member is working hard to help improve living conditions of those living there. Also, here’s a link to my photo album from the time I spent there. Beautiful, desolate place. http://wp.me/P4xRXY-2e Thanks for helping to inform people about it!

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by and making a comment. It’s been awhile since our last visit. I love the site you referred. I’m surprised I haven’t heard of it before. Thanks for it. I linked it up on this site in the left-hand column under pages and all the way down after Wounded Knee videos on the same column. I grouped your blog there as well under Re-Member for now. I might split them later. I’ll post those links on some of my other sites as time warrants. Thanks again for the information, I was delighted to receive it.

      Pine Ridge is the most poverty stricken area in the United States, bar none. It is depressing and staggering. If the tears don’t flow down your cheeks your mind weeps with tears and your heart flows with rivers of them. Their poverty is primarily from U.S. government interference. Our Native Americans are truly independent people. They don’t want government handouts and interference. They want government to stand out of their way and allow them to fix their own problems with the tools provided. One day the Lakota people will be liberated from forces of restraint placed upon them and will be able to excel like other nations have out of the 500 plus Native American tribes. I hope in the future, using my writing as a base, to contribute to that end as well as a number of things for these proud people and other Native Americans. It is a tragedy and shame of American will and fundamental principle what has happened on that reservation–and to the American Indians across the country concerning social problems; prostitution, alcohol and drugs, screaming-high unemployment and domestic violence and thing that makes the heart overflow with tears–the suicides of the young, talented and lonely Native youths.

      I applaud your bringing the awareness to the children. Perhaps one day your students will be writers and politicians and advocates who can make a difference and change the course of Pine Ridge suppression. My stories, which will still be sometime before being released, will hopefully spark brush fires in the minds of those who hold compassion and have the will and means to use their talents to their fullest potential.

      There was once some talk once about Johnny Depp purchasing the Wounded Knee burial grounds from some investor, James Czywczynski, who hoards it as if it were a commodity, but the coals of those talks have gone cold as far as I know. Or, at least they never reached my ears. The U.S. government ought to have purchased that land back from the investor, since they sold it to him in the first place, and give it back to the Lakota Sioux. That is one of my most passionate humanitarian goals if it’s not done by the time I get the opportunity, if I reach my desired destination. If my writing doesn’t being me the monetary success I’m hoping for, eventually, then I hope my stories can take the embers floating in the air and spark full blown brush fires as they land in the minds of the readers who have the ability to do so.

      Someday the sun will rise and melt the snows of frustration off of Pine Ridge and unite their people with their ancestors again without interference from outside their tribe. On that day the eagle will soar over a proud and determined people and remove the curse of greed that has been sowed upon them. When the next rains come, their seeds will be sprout and grow and the renewed life will spread over the land of the Lakota Oglala Sioux people and they’ll suffer no more. We are seasons away from that time, but we know it is in the clouds and moving their way. And, we pray those clouds don’t change course.

      In closing, I’d like to say thanks, again, I appreciate it. Be safe on your travels and enjoy the world and the people in it. I leave you with a little something for you to keep. Be sure to follow the first three links in the two paragraphs. Watch the clip in the link Chris Hedges (1:05 minutes), his book link and Matthew Williams > Essays > A Beautiful Dream – Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Enjoy!
      http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2013/05/02/wounded-knee-historic-site-now-sale-open-market-149151 A bit unsettling piece from Indian County.
      And something to share with friends:

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